About Me


I go by the pen name Layla Harris. I am addicted and obsessed to Korean dramas and Kpop. I’m indecisive and forgetful so my favorite things change quite often, so as of now:

Some of my favorite Korean dramas are:

(It was too hard to narrow it down to top 5)

  • Love O2O
  • The Princess’ Man
  • Healer
  • The Scholar Who Walks the Night
  • Jeju Island Gatsby
  • Boss & Me
Some of my favorite Korean artists are:
  • Exo
  • Jay Park
  • Rosy
  • Dean
  •  Nieah
Other “Interesting” Facts about me:
  • I recently got into underground Korean hip hop and Korean R&B
  • I have never actually finished Boys Over Flowers.
  • I am still in school.
  • For one Halloween I dressed up as Primary.
  • I started watching kdramas in 2011.
  • I am still new to Kpop (I officially joined in March of 2015).

Thank you and don’t forget to keep reading for more updates that will come soon!


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