Best Dramas of 2015

The year went by so fast. This year was a good year for Korean dramas, so many good dramas came out. This was also a big year for me because I’ve watched so many this year. So here was my top 5 best kdramas of 2015.

Warm and Cozy


Rating: 5/5 stars
Key Words

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Layla’s K-Tales: Mamas

So this series: Layla’s K-Tales is about my personal funny or embarrassing stories. These personal stories most likely are related to Kdramas of Kpop. So get ready to smile.


So the Mama awards stands for Mnet Asian Music Awards. The Mamas are huge music award event mostly for kpop groups.

Since I’ve only been interested in kpop for less that a year, this year was my first Mamas. I was so excited. There is a huge time difference between Korea and where I live. There is a seventeen hour time difference! So, the Mamas were scheduled for 8pm Korean standard time, but where I live that is 3 am. And the awards was on a school night.

Even though there was a huge time difference, I was determined to watch the awards ceremony live. I had everything planned out:

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Bride of the Century

Bride of the Century

Rating: 4.5/5 stars



Taeyang Group is one of the biggest companies. The Choi family who runs Taeyang has been under a curse for a hundred years that the first bride of the eldest son will always die. When the wealthy heiress Jang Yi-kyung disappears right before her wedding to chaebol heir Choi Kang-joo, Na Doo-rim, a lookalike, is brought in to take her place. An evil plan and love unravels.


Yang Ji Sung

Lee Hong Ki (F.T Island)

Park Jin Joo

Jang Ah Young



lookalike, feels, marriage, and cute

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Kill Me Heal Me Review

Kill Me Heal Me

Rating: 5/5 stars

 Background Information


Cha-Do Hyun has multiple personalities. He meets Oh Ri Jin who becomes his personal doctor. While killing off one personality at a time, they find out about their past.


Ji Sung

Hwang Jang Eum

Park Seo Joon

Kim Yoo Ri


Key Words

Hilarious, cute, and amazing


This drama was amazing. It was so cute and adorable, but it was also hilarious. It was a great drama. It combined many genres and made it into one drama.



Since it has been a while since I have finished this drama, this review isn’t going to be that great. But I tried my best to remember everything that happened during this drama.

Let me tell you, Ji Sung, I applaud you. He did such an amazing job acting. He did a great job making all of the seven personalities different and unique. I’m not going to lie, I did fall for Se Gi. However, Yona was probably my favorite personality.

All I really remember is all of the different personalities Ji Sung had to portray. I do remember a little of the family drama and romance, but not much.

I will leave this review like this before it gets any worse.


Thank you to Nixesty for requesting this review. Go check her out. Sorry it wasn’t that great…

My review for Bride of the Century is scheduled to be posted on the 28th, so look forward to it.

I have just finished I Need Romance 2012, which I will begin to write a review for soon.

I am still deciding between the dramas: Hello Monster, D-Day, Gu Family Book, or the Night Watchman. Which drama should I watch? Any other recommendations.


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Sorry for the bad review.