The Best Kpop Songs Ever Invented

Top 12 Kpop Songs – 2 Year Kpop Anniversary

Since Exo’s Call Me Baby came out 2 years ago in March, it means that I’ve been into Kpop for 2 years now! That’s a lot for me because I get tired of things kind of quickly. So for my Kpop anniversary, I decided to do a all time top 12 favorite Kpop songs.

Even though I LOVE khiphop and krnb this list will just be Kpop. There are some songs that aren’t really kpop songs, but they are by Kpop groups. So does that count? Most songs on this list will be by Kpop groups anyways.

Please show some love to this post. I spent a long time on it and creating the pictures for it.

12. Black Hole // Shinee


Ah, Shinee. You can always rely on them for delivering bops. This song was not a title track, but it was on the amazing View album. This song is so nice I love it. You can’t just help but dance and bob your head when listening to it.

11. Ah-Ah // Teen Top


Omg this album and song is amazing. Let’s just talk about the song for a minute. It’s catchy, quality content, the MV is so colorful, and they all look fine. Not to mention that the footwork is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE. So, how can you not love and stan this amazingly talented group.

10. Moonlight Sonata // Big Star


Okay I’m going to be honest. This is the only big star song that I listen to/know. I didn’t even watch the MV until I started writing this post even though it has been on my playlist for a few years. But I just had to put it on this list. This song is AMAZING and even though I don’t know them they deserve more love and recognition.

But listen to this song because it is so smooth and I cry every time I hear it. Side note but I like Baram cause he had a man bun in this music video.

9. Automatic // Red Velvet


This is true art right here. Not only is the MV aesthetic but the song itself sounds so aesthetic. Also, I really love the red album and their recent one. There is not much to say besides appreciate this master piece.

8. Ma Boy // Sistar19


The iconic body roll anthem of the century. Honestly, I cannot help but body roll to this song. Like how can you not? But their socks with heels kill me every time.

7. Playback // Playback


Is this socks with heels part 2? Hahaha I’m kidding. But, I’m so glad I randomly clicked on this when it was in my YouTube subscription page. But like this song is sooo good I practically know all the lyrics and the whole dance. Also it’s super catchy so go listen to it so it gets stuck in your head for the whole day.

6. Fly // Got7


This is honestly my favorite Got7 song. There would be more Got7 (and JYP artists) on this list, but JYP is too petty to allow his artists’ songs on Spotify. This song is perfection, so go listen to it and bless your ears.

5. Q&A // Seventeen


Oh this song is so cute I love it. Like you have s.coups, vernon, and woozi, and then you throw in Ailee with her amazing vocals. How can you not be shook by this song? Also, am I the only one who heard Vernon say “bagel bagel” or-

4. Honestly // Monsta X


This song still remains my favorite Monsta X song. I know their other songs are very different from this, but I just can’t help but love this song much. It’s just so beautiful with their their smooth vocals and Jooheon and IM’s rap. Ugh my heart.

3. Shall We Dance // HiNi


Is this considered Kpop? Welp I’m putting it on this list anyways. This song- ugh I can’t even describe. The music video is so simple, but that’s what I love about it. The song it self is hands down amazing. HiNi looks so cute, and she has such a unique voice that you never expected to come from her. So, I thank myself for randomly clicking on this song and discovering heaven.

2. Cypher Pt. 4 // BTS


I know this is only performed by the rap line (and occasionally Taehyung) but like this song is so lit, and that beat always kills me. I don’t really have much to say besides this is a real lit song but yeah…

1. Twenty-Four // EXO


Not really a

I just realized that most of these have an R&B or hiphop feel to them. Whoops…

Honorary Mentions

There are SO many songs I love. Here are some (a lot of) songs that made it to number 12.5 on my list.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All credits go to me. If you would like to use any photos be sure to let me know cause I spent way too much time creating them.


Wow I’m back and better than ever. Hahaha I’m kidding. I honestly really want to get back into blogging, but I feel like I’m going to get really busy soon. I’ve recently been thinking about my blog, so I wrote this when I had a little free time. I hope this isn’t, but I’m pretty sure this is just going to be a one time gig for now. I can’t really fully commit to a schedule or anything like that.

I almost watched 100 dramas, and I have a special post idea. Hopefully, you won’t see that post months from now. But, as previously mentioned I really got into the underground khh and krnb scene, so if you would like any posts on that I’m more than happy to do it. (If you want I can share my playlist that’s located on youtube.) I’m also into mainstream khh and krnb. (Oh and a little into k-indie.) Anyways if you have any suggestions of posts I’m open to anything.

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