Empress Ki Review

Empress Ki

Rating: 5/5 stars

 Background Information


A drama about a woman’s journey from a Koryeo commoner to the Yuan empress.


Ha Ji Won

Ji Chang Wook

Joo Jin Moo

Baek Jin Hee

Jin Yi Han


Key Words

Historical, Romance, Action, OMG MY HEART, and Feelings


This drama messes with my heart so much. I can’t even explain properly. I don’t know where to start. Let me tell you this is worth all 51 episodes. This was a big step for me as I’ve never watched a drama with this many episodes, but it was worth every episode. I get very distracted and give up on dramas very easily, but this kept my attention every minute. I did want to give up towards the end because everyone was being annoying, but if you’re like me and feel this way anytime throughout the drama, just finish it!

At first, like all historical dramas it is kind of confusing because names and historical events are thrown at your face, but stick to it! This drama changed my life, or my drama life at least. Since there were so many characters I see cast members of this drama in every drama I watch. Also, it took me quite a while to get over this drama. The OST is great too, I saved them all to my playlist…Okay I’m a little obsessed.



Okay, this drama is literally life changing, but then again it was my longest drama that I’ve watched so far. I have so many emotional attachments to this drama even though I’ve finished this drama months ago.  Like now I compare or am always reminded of Empress Ki whenever I’m watching other dramas. I guess that just shows how amazing of a drama this was.

Of course I don’t remember as much or have as strong feelings anymore since I finished this drama quite a while ago, but I’ll  try my best to talk and go into as much detail as possible.

So I absolutely love the cast. Well, just the main characters because Chang Ji Wook and Ha Ji Won are my  absolute favs. But, I have a love hate relationship with all of the characters, like Nyang (Empress Ki). She can be so fierce and just an amazing strong female character, but other times she can be really weak and annoying. By the end of the series, I just concluded she is crazy and hopeless. Actually, by the end of the series,  I think everyone either ended up dead or crazy. Of course I loved the emperor. No matter how dense he was. (You know you love an actor when you can’t hate the actor’s character no matter what they do.)  I was watching this drama with my family, and they hated him. (I was so offended.) But, I loved the emperor even though he was dull. He added a comical side to the drama, making it more lighthearted between those dark, dramatic times.

There were many characters that I hated. (ie. the Empresses besides Empress Ki) But surprisingly, I really didn’t like Wang Yu. Like ever. I don’t know why. It might be because I loved the Emperor so much. It might be because he looked old. (Sorry I’m really judgmental when it comes to dramas. I can write a whole post about this.) I know a lot of people like him. My family really loved him for whatever reason.

This drama was really amazing though. The ending kind of left me hanging and filled with so many questions. What was that?! So who did she really love? Things like that. Good thing there was a special little episode which added more closure. (I noticed most kdramas have bad endings. Let me know if you know any dramas with good endings.)

This drama was always unpredictable. It wasn’t really cliche. Whenever I thought I could predict what would happen next, I was totally wrong. You really never know what’s going to happen. It’s crazy, I can’t even.

So wrapping up this review. This drama is amazing. Watch it. Grab some tissues.

Memorable Quotes

(I only took a few screenshots because I mostly watched this on the tv. Luckily, or there would be way too many screenshots.)

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Half of this post was written and was in my drafts for the longest time. Sorry for taking so long to post.

Excuse my grammar and spelling, I’m horrible at English. I say every time I will try to post more. But, this time I will promise to post whenever I can. School has been a lot. Okay I’ll stop lying. I’m just lazy. But, I’ve actually been watching a lot of dramas recently. I’ve actually ventured out more and have been watching more Asian dramas besides just kdramas. I’m also thinking about doing other posts besides just reviews, but they will involve Asian dramas.

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