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Love O2O

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Let me tell you, I think this has become my favorite drama of all time so far. That is hard to say considering how many dramas I have watched, but this drama is literally perfection. I might be a little biased because I’ve fallen in love with Yang Yang (actor who plays the male lead) through Whirlwind Girl. But, that is a story for another time.

This drama was just so adorable and refreshing. Love O2O made my day these past few days. Whenever I was watching I couldn’t stop smiling, my family thought I had a boyfriend or was going crazy. I don’t know if I’m going to watch the movie, but I’m definitely going to read the book soon! (Let me know if you want links to the English translations online. I can hook you up.)

This drama is definitely worth the watch. This is especially a great drama to watch if you have been watching a lot of serious melodramatic type dramas. Or you can just watch Love O2O whenever you feel like it.

Warning: Since this is a Chinese drama some characters will be dubbed. China is a huge populated country, so there are many dialects. Actors are dubbed over in China’s national language so everyone can understand. Zheng Shuang (Wei Wei) is the only one I know who is dubbed over. I honestly didn’t mind and got over it within a few episodes.



Oh this drama was so perfect I don’t even know where to start. This drama was just so perfect and adorable. Throughout the series, you can see the characters develop so much, which made me even more attached to this drama.

The drama was probably so good because it was written by the same writer of Boss & Me (which I loved). I think Love O2O has a cuter more innocent vibe. Boss & Me was very cute, but I think it had a more serious vibe, since it took place in a professional serious type of setting. Where as Love O2O took place in college, and the characters are younger and not as mature, I guess you can say. I’ll start off with the characters, their relationships, and then things that I think would have made the drama even better.

So our main guy, Xiao Nai. I literally cannot come up with one flaw of his character. He is so perfect. Not only is he good looking, but he is intelligent and has a good personality. His relationship with Wei Wei was his first, but it definitely didn’t seem like it. He was just doing everything right. He made sure Wei Wei ate, was healthy, gave her plenty of compliments, didn’t look at any other girls, always looked out for her, and made sure she was happy. Like where can I find a Xiao Nai?

On to our female lead Wei Wei. I heard Wei Wei was portrayed as an innocent girl, and I think Zheng Shuang did a great job on that. You can really see her character develop. At first, she was super innocent and shy. As the story goes along she matures and has this strong side to her, but she still maintains this innocent aura.

On to the side characters. Okay *takes a deep breath* I definitely didn’t like some of the side characters as much. Especially Cao Guang and Zhen Shao Xiang. They really got on my nerves the whole drama, even towards the ending where they made up. Cao Guang was just so immature. If you like someone, why would you act like that to them? Zhen Shao Xiang was just as annoying, creating unnecessary problems. I also was a little annoyed with Er Xi. Like I get how she can feel like a shadow next to Wei Wei, but getting angry at her won’t solve anything. I’m mostly just mad because she threw that SpongeBob cake.

Let me just write a paragraph about Xiao Nai and Wei Wei’s relationship. It was perfect. There was so much trust and loyalty between them. People tried to break them up and cause misunderstandings, but there relationship was so strong it was impossible. Especially Xiao Nai, girls tried to go to him and sabotage their relationship making Wei Wei look bad, but he believed and trusted in her. None of those things affected them, if it did, it made their relationship even stronger.

I guess to be very nit picky there are a few things that I would change or didn’t really like. First of all, Zheng Shuang’s kisses. I gave her a chance because she was supposed to be super innocent, but she just stood there like a rock. The ending was okay. I could live with it, but of course I wanted more. I wish I could’ve seen the wedding at least, especially since Wei Wei looked so beautiful in the traditional robes.

But to end on a good note, this drama is PERFECTION.

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(I took 159 screenshots while watching this drama. Eek. You wouldn’t need to watch the drama if you jut looked at my screenshots.)


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(Lucky you, I only included 20 or so.)


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