Oh My Venus Review

Oh My Venus

Rating: 5/5 stars

*This post is dedicated to Mei!*

 Background Information


Kang Joo Eun was once really pretty when she was in high school. After becoming a lawyer and struggling to support her family, she became overweight and “unattractive.”

Kim Young Ho comes from a wealthy family. He hides his identity behind the name John Kim and is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars.


Shin Min Ah

So Ji Sub

Henry (Super Junior M)

Sung Hoon


Key Words

Cute, Romance, Chemistry, Humor, Makeover


This drama was so good that I forgot to take notes while watching, so I apologize ahead of time if it is not as amazing. Anyways, I wish I watched this during 2015 because it would definitely be on my top 10 best dramas of 2015.

It is funny how two of the most talked about dramas (This one and She Was Pretty) from the end of 2015 are both about turning pretty again.

I really enjoyed this drama and highly recommend it. It is the cutesy romance drama I’m always looking for but can never seem to find. This is especially a good drama to watch after a dark/action packed drama. It was very refreshing after watching many dark and tear worthy dramas.



I obviously really enjoyed this drama. I won’t go so much into each character this time, but rather the drama as a whole.

Kang Joo Eun was a cute character and I could relate to her in certain ways. At the beginning of the drama, I suffered a lot from second hand embarrassment because of her. I almost gave up on this drama, but luckily I didn’t. On a different note, that dimple pop was so adorable. It made me want to have dimples so I can do that too. Oh, I want her giant sloth too!

I feel that having Henry as one of the second leads was really good casting. He was the cause of a lot of my laughter. I have to admit, he is probably one of my favorite characters in this drama besides Joon Sung. I think that this character was basically himself but exaggerated.

In this drama there was never a crazy, frustrating conspiracy, but there were some crazy frustrating characters. Joo Eun’s ex-boyfriend, I still despise him. It is funny how this actor played a cheating bastard in two dramas.  Then there was the boyfriend thief, Soo Jin. In the last few episodes, the drama started to make me feel bad for her, so I had to skip her scenes. I hate how dramas always make me feel bad for the annoying evil characters.

Now one of my other favorite characters, Joon Sung. I don’t really know exactly why I loved him so much. But truthfully, I think it was because he was really good looking and cute. I wish that the drama focused more on his and Yi Jin’s love because they were absolutely adorable together. They should’ve focused more on them then the cheater and boyfriend thief.

I think the last three episodes were a good finishing touch. They were practically drama free. But we all know the writers ran out of ideas. However, I am okay with that because it showed a lot of their romance and chemistry. This drama was almost perfect. I recommend that everyone gives it a chance.

Memorable Quotes/Scenes

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I’ve been very busy with school and other things, so I haven’t been able to post. I promise I will try to post as often as possible, but don’t expect much. But I’m always watching dramas and music videos, so there is hope that there will be posts! Please look forward to it and keep supporting this blog!

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