Best Dramas of 2015

The year went by so fast. This year was a good year for Korean dramas, so many good dramas came out. This was also a big year for me because I’ve watched so many this year. So here was my top 5 best kdramas of 2015.

Warm and Cozy


Rating: 5/5 stars
Key Words

Romance, Food Porn, Cute, and Refreshing

It was just so perfect. This drama was very cutesy and a more happy drama, which is the genre I lean towards more. It was so good, the chemistry and romance was amazing, and then there was some good food porn. I would have to say there were some moments where I was like: Just stop, but those moments didn’t ruin the drama for me. It is a good refreshing drama to watch, especially after watching a dark drama.



Rating: 5/5 stars
Key Words

Chemistry, Action, Comedy, Amazing, and the best.

I think this drama is my all time favorite. It was great all around. From the first episode it already caught my attention. I do try to stay away from action dramas because I’m more of a fan of cutesy dramas, but this drama was the best. The chemistry was amazing, the plot was amazing, and it always kept me on the edge of my seat. It even had its comedy moments. Hands down, this is one of the best dramas ever, and everyone should give it a chance.

Oh My Ghost


Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Key Words

Adorable, the feels, ghost, food, and cute

I know there are some people who are hesitant to watch thriller/scary dramas, but this one was not that scary. Comparing it to Master’s Sun, the ghosts in Oh My Ghost were definitely not as scary. This drama had all these genres in one, it was amazing. Although there are times when I got annoyed with some of the characters, this dramas was so cute. I especially loved the main actress, she was adorable. I highly recommend this drama to everyone because it can fit everyone’s taste.

Scholar Who Walks the Night


Overall Rating: 5/5 starts

Key Words

Feels, Action, Romance, Historical, and Amazing.

This was actually my first historical drama, and probably one of my favorites. It had everything from amazing romance to action. This is also the first drama that made me cry. It is up there on my all time favorite list. Although the ending wasn’t great, the drama overall was so good and amazing. The first episode, there is a lot to take in, but after that it gets better. I loved it, it is one everyone should check out.

High Society


Rating: 4/5 stars
Key Words

Chemistry, Romance, Rich, and Poor.

I know there are many people that did not like this drama, but I really enjoyed it. The two main characters had an amazing story, but I really loved the side characters love story. I really love dramas for their romance and chemistry, and I would give this a ten out of ten on a chemistry scale. Honestly, in my mind it was really great, but all I really remember is UEE and Sung Joon kissing so…

Bonus: Sassy Go Go

Rating: 5/5 stars

Cute, Young Love, School, and Teenage Problems

I would describe this drama as School 2015/2013 meets Bring It On. I really loved this drama because it displays a lot of realistic and current problems many teenagers face. Unlike the School series, like how many people have a long lost twin. Anyways, this drama was very cute and adorable. It also caused me to laugh all my worries away, but I did shed a few tears here and there.

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Sorry I have been busy, so I haven’t had time to post anything. I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season! I promise more will be up soon!

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